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Unique and Evocative Sculpture in Bronze

Limited Editions - Bronze
Unique Works - Bronze
Commissions - Bespoke  

Damon Price is a self-taught contemporary figurative sculptor whose work focuses on portraying mood, emotion and movement. He creates unique bronze figurative and wildlife sculpture, working on each part of the process himself, from the sculpting right through to casting the bronze, patination and meticulous finishing. 

The Sculpture
Working in Clay and Wax

Damon sculpts in both wax and clay.

His wax pieces make the most of the 'lost wax' method, creating one-off sculptures with unique and beautiful surface characteristics. 

Working in clay has a different 'feel'. It allows a freedom of expression from the hands directly into the material, allowing spontaneous manipulation and intuitive creation. READ MORE

Damon Price- Yorkshire-Sculptor
The Fire
Bronze Casting Process

Fascinated by a holistic approach to creating his sculpture, Damon carefully researched and built his own foundry. Having these tools 'in-studio' is fundamental to his process and gives him greater control over production methods, quality and finish. READ MORE

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