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These workshops will provide the opportunity for you to create a small bronze sculpture, as well as to learn about the ancient art of bronze casting.

Courses are informal and relaxed, so anyone - no matter what level of experience - will enjoy them. Early booking is recommended 
I host workshops throughout the year from the Sculpture Lounge*, near Holmfirth in West Yorkshire. 

Set in the stunning Holme Valley on the edge of the Peak District, and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, this vibrant studio complex is home to a wealth of artistic talent and experienced creative practicioners.

My classroom-based workshops are limited to a maximum of 10 students and get booked up quickly. If you'd like to be added to the waiting list for new workshop dates, 

An introduction to working with wax as a sculptural material.

On this course  you are free to create whatever you wish, including figurative and wildlife sculpture, or even abstract forms- the possibilities are endless!

You will learn:

- The techniques to sculpt directly in wax and how to produce a wax cast from a mould,

- How to make objects in wax suitable for casting into bronze,

- How to incorporate combustibles and other materials into wax,

- Discuss the various approaches to form, texture and surface,

- How to prepare the sculpture ready for the molten metal,

- An introduction to ceramic shell and "What is 'lost wax' casting?"   

If you wish to cast your work, you can take Part 2 of the course which involves casting the wax work from Part 1 and producing a finished bronze.

If you choose not to attend part 2, you have the option of having the work cast at a later date.*

All materials, refreshments and cooked lunch each day are provided. 

Part 1 course fee: £380

Course capacity: max 10 students.

Course dates:

  • Friday 6th - Sunday 8th May 2022

  • Friday 15th - Sunday 17th July 2022

Wax Workshops 2022
Wax Sculpting - 3 day course: Part 1 (Part 2 is optional)
Bronze Casting Workshops 2022

Bronze Casting - 3 Day Course: Part 2

Experience this amazing process from liquid metal to a piece of art that will stand the test of time.

You will learn what techniques are involved and is a great introduction to the basics of fine art bronze casting.

-Understand how lost wax works:

-You will prepare the sculpture in its investment (ceramic mould) ready for the wax burnout and the actual casting into bronze,

-Melting and pouring of the bronze and seeing your sculpture transformed:

-Metal working and finishing,

-There will also be a demonstration on the use of patinas (colouring the bronze),
-Finally, you'll complete your masterpiece to take home.

All materials and PPE will be provided, including bronze up to the finished weight of 2kg.

All refreshments and cooked lunch each day are provided. 

Suitable for all skill levels and backgrounds.

Part 2 course fee: £380

Course capacity: max 10 students.

Course dates:

  • Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th September 2022

  • Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd October 2022

*If you can't make either of the bronze casting workshops and would like to arrange to have your work cast separately, please contact me for details and fees. Terms and conditions.

*Find out more about the Sculpture Lounge and its range of artists and activities 

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